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Who is Curlyqueen?

Have you ever been late for work and your hair looks so rough that your day won’t be perfect with it? Do you have urgent meeting to attend and you’ll be late because you need to style your hair? Do not worry as Curlyqueen get you covered. Curlyqueen is the solution for a perfect hair curl within seconds.

Curlyqueen hair curler is a portable, cordless and automatic curly wand which can curl your hair in seconds. You can achieve that great look with curlyqueen and make your day perfect. Curlyqueen can give you the awesome look to make all head turning towards you when you step out.

It provides fast and reliable hair service for you. It the perfect curling wand for all women as it’s portable and can fit into your laptop bag or handbag. Curlyqueen can also be used on all types of hair including Afro-textured or synthetic hair.

What you get when you use curlyqueen hair curlier

1. The curls last longer

With curlyqueen your curly hair can last long for like five (5) hours unlike other curling irons which their curls didn’t last more than an hour. Curlyqueen provides the easiest and the most convenient curls for your hair. It’s perfect to use when you have a date or party with friends because it keeps your hair curl for a longer period of time.

2. It ensures there’s no tangled hair

One of the major reasons why you should get Curlyqueen hair curler is that it ensures your hair is not tangled. If knowingly or unknowingly you put too much hair within the barrel of the curling iron, the curler will notify you by stopping and reversing the hair barrel so as to avoid tangled hair and to ensure that your hair did not break off within the curler.

3. Heat regulator

Curlyqueen hair curler has heat regulator which ensures that your curl is in perfect condition, looking good and perfect for the day.  Curlyqueen is aware that there are differences in the hair type, and different hair type requires different temperature.That’s why curlyqueen hair curler comes with 6 adjustable low heat settings which will be perfect for different hair type. Curlyqueen hair curler comes with temperature ranging from 150°C, 160°C, 170°C, 180°C, 190°C to 200°C. So as to ensure that you choose the perfect temperature for your hair type in other to avoid hair breakage and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

4. In-built auto shut off

Anything that concerns the well-being of your hair is what curlyqueen is concerned with. Curlyqueen understands that you may be late for work or party and you want to curl your hair in a hurry without putting the curling iron off. That is why curlyqueen hair curler comes with in-built auto shut off. To ensure that the curling iron does not burn out, the curlyqueen hair curler comes with auto shut-off mode so after 10 minutes of no use, the curler shuts off automatically. This prevents the curling iron from burning and also save your curlyqueen hair curler battery, so as to last longer.

5. It is encased

Curlyqueen understands your fear of burning your hand, your dressing table, your car seat or seatbelt, your dress or the fear that your children may have contact with the curling iron when in use. That is why curlyqueen hair curler is completely encased; this ensures that none of your things will be burnt during the course of using the curling iron.Your hand, your dressing table, your seat or seatbelt and your children are really safe when you use curlyqueen hair curler. This is more reason why you need to choose curlyqueen hair curler because it also take your protection into consideration.

6. It has timer settings

Curlyqueen hair curler comes with timer settings so as to ensure that your hair is not damaged and to keep your hair in good condition. Curlyqueen hair curler has 6 timer settings which range from 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s to 18s, so as to work perfectly for any type of hair whether thick, fragile or fine. Curlyqueen hair curler comes with timer that can work perfectly for you.

What makes curlyqueen hair curler different?

Curlyqueen hair curler is known for its sleek design, the beautiful casing, safety measures, rechargeable battery and the hair temperature regulator that comes with it. These are what make curlyqueen hair curler different from other curling iron or curly wands. Curlyqueen ensures your safety first, then ensures to give you that perfect hair and look that you so much desired with less stress.

Curlyqueen is also different from other curling iron because it is rotational, that is it has the ability to give you perfect front facing curls and an amazing back facing curls with just a touch of button.

Unlike other curling iron or curling wands that the curls do not last more than an hour, curlyqueen has the ability to let your hair curl up to 5 hours. These make curlyqueen hair curler different from other curling iron or curling wands.

How to use the curlyqueen hair curler

  1. Make sure your hair is clean and dried for at least a day before you can use curlyqueen hair curler.
  2. You need to start the curlyqueen hair curler by holding down the power button till the screen turns on.
  3. Take 2-3cm of hair and place it in the hair curler.
  4. Hold in the auto-rotation button to ensurerotation of the hair into the curler.
  5. When your hair has been curled, the device will beep three(3) times, then you have to release the rotation button and the hair by slowly pulling down the curler, then the awesome curl will be released.

When you familiarize yourself with curlyqueen hair curler, you get to know the settings that suit your hair and you can adjust the settings by using the arrow button on the LCD screen.

It’s time to acquire your own curlyqueen hair curler, order online today and gain the confidence to step out looking good and making all heads turning towards your direction.

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