Which is Best – Treadmill or Cycling?

When you have a fitness goal to reach, investing in good cardio equipment or using one in the gym is a great way. Of the many types, 2 alone stands out the most – treadmill for running and exercise cycle for cycling. Now, this leads to another question – which is the best for you?

The answer to this question depends on the needs and preferences of the user. So, to help you to make an informed decision, this article will help you. Below are some factors that will help you to see which is right for you.


Treadmill Vs. Cycling

Workout Goals For a full-body workout targeting all the muscles, running on a treadmill is a great option. This can help you to burn overall body fat. But you cannot target specific muscles to add resistance. The main advantage of using a electric treadmill is that you get strong, toned muscles and bones.

On the other hand, cycling exercise is for targeting and building muscles in the lower half of your body. This targets your hamstrings, calves, and hip rather than full-body muscles.

  • Calories Burn

To burn calories at a higher rate, your whole body needs to be in full motion. The number of calories you will burn will depend on what exercise you do – jogging, walking or running. Other factors like speed, incline, weight, stride length, and efficiency also determine the number of calories burned in a treadmill. For cycling, speed and the duration the exercise did will be determining factors.

  • Versatility

Using a treadmill, you can either walk, jog, or even run. Also, the appliance allows various inclination levels to give the feel of outdoor running. To put simply, modern treadmills can make the workout more challenging.

With cycling, you can use the resistance levels only.

  • Impact on the joints

Though treadmills are quite effective tools for any fitness goals, some precautionary measures have to be taken by the user. This ensures no injury occurs during the workout session. Things like warm-up exercise, using correct running shoes, and using a safety key can ensure no accidents or injury occurs. If the treadmill does not have a cushioning feature, it can cause stress on your knee, spine, ankle joints, and hips. But with cycling, this is not the issue. Since cycling is a low impact exercise, this poses few risks when compared to treadmills.

  • Age

Depending on the age and lifestyle of the individual, the choice of treadmill and cycling will differ. If you have the habit of running, then a treadmill is a good workout.

Suppose you are starting your fitness journey, better to go for low impact exercises like cycling. This is a good option for people who are nearly in their 60s.

Final thoughts

In this article, you could see in what respects both these machines differ. So, the best one will depend on your needs and preferences. No matter what exercise you do, the success of your fitness goal depends on your regularity.

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