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Top 5 Qualities of A Good Mixer Grinder

The mixer grinders are the basis of the appliances that are present in every home today. We cannot imagine a home today without the mixer grinders. You begin your day by grinding chutney in the mixer for your breakfast and also for many other ingredients throughout the day. The mixer grinders are effective for making the vegetables finely chopped for your curry, or the fruits ground well for juice. The modern mixer grinders today contain many useful features that suit the modern users. The grinders are fast and are available at affordable rates.

Many people are searching for the mixer grinders that flaunt the best qualities. So here are some of the qualities that a good mixer grinder under 2000 rs will need to make your cooking easy.

Mixer Grinder

  • The Speed of the mixer

The best quality that the mixer grinder has is the Speed. The RPM of the grinder is the factor that shows you how fast are the grinder. The RPM from 18000 to 23000 is suitable for you. The mixer grinder with juicing uses will require low to medium RPM. In the RPM that is higher the juices or the spices will not be grinded well. It needs particular RPM to do the job. So you can search for the mixer grinders that have control switches to select the level of Speed to grind the item according to the need.

  • The Wattage of the mixer

You have to check how much Wattage the mixer grinder has before buying it. The high Wattage is required for grinding the hard ingredients. So the faster Speed is required for performing that function. The 500 W to 750 W is the best for this job.

  • The jar of the mixer

The higher the number of the jars provided for the mixer, the better it will be for you to make use of it. You have to buy the mixer that offers two or three jars. You can use one of the jars for the grinding of the spice, one for making side dishes like chutney and the last one for juicing needs. The jar must have a durable body. It has to endure daily wear and tear in the kitchen. You also have to look for the product that contains ergonomically created handles that offer a good grip when you hold the jar.

  • The Blades of the mixer

The blades of the mixer grinders have to be sharp; then only it can grind the ingredients well. The blade has to be made of stainless steel for effective grinding. The grade has to be 304 grades. The grade of steel is important because it shows if the steel is good enough to prevent corrosion and oxidation.

  • The Price of the mixer

The Price of the mixer depends on the features. The more the features, the more will be the Price. The brands are offering some of the advanced mixers with excellent features; however, it is expensive. There are models with basic mixer features that are available at reasonable costs.

These are the five qualities that every mixer grinder requires for smooth operation daily.

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