Formal Shoes

How to Pick the Right Quality Formal Shoes

When it comes to men’s footwear, it is common knowledge that selecting the best formal shoes is not an easy task. It is not just the selection but the maintenance too. Most commonly people tend to select a formal shoe based on just the style, and this is the first mistake they do. A formal shoe should be selected based on not only the quality but also other features. Not many men know that there a vast diversity in formal shoes,

selecting an appropriate type is a challenge. But, here is everything that you need to know about selecting the best quality formal shoes.

Formal Shoes

Type of formal shoe

Over the past few years, formal shoes have undergone several changes in design. While most people think that formal shoe design is limited to one or two, no, there are 6 different types of formal shoes.

  • Oxfords 

Oxford formal shoes are designed in such a way that it is classic in every sense. Oxford shoes are smart and chic, they have been in use for a very long time. One of the notable things about this type of formal shoes is that they come with eyelets affixed under the vamps.

  • Derbys 

Derbys formal shoes are almost similar to oxford shoes, but they do not have closed laces. Therefore, you cannot run your finger from shoes tongue to the bottom of the shoelace eyelet. Apart from the same design similarities, a Derbys shoe comes with add-ons.

  • Cap-toes 

Cap-toes formal shoes are classy and timeless. They look entirely different from both Derbys and oxford. A cap-toe formal shoes is best for special occasions where the user needs to make a bigger style statement.

  • Monk straps 

Monk straps are almost similar to that of loafers, but, they don’t have laces, but instead, they have eye-catching Velcro strap or metal buckle.

  • Loafers 

Loafers come with no buckles or Velcro straps, instead, they are plain and simple. All you have to do is slip on the shoes.

  • Dress boots 

Almost similar to formal loafers, but the high-top styling makes it different from other formal shoes. They pair excellently with tailored pants and a snazzy jacket.

Choose the right fabric

Leather is better than any other type of material, however, leather formal shoes are comparatively very expensive. Keep in mind that leather is not good for the wet climate, however, there are alternatives to this material. These materials are comparatively cheaper and comfortable. Leather formal shoes look comparatively classier than other materials.

  • Brand

The quality of a formal shoe depends on the material used to make it. However, apart from the material, the brand does matter. It is impossible to know the quality of the shoes just by looking at it. Therefore, if you consider purchasing formal shoes from a reputed brand, then you could expect maximum high-quality material to be used in making the shoes.

  • Avoid tight formal shoes

Most formal shoes are not designed to take too much strain, if the shoe is too tight for your feet then it would tear easily. This is why you must consider purchasing formal shoes in the right size.

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