How The Washing Machine Changed Our World

The washing machine is considered one of the most important inventions of the 20th century and even in the history of mankind. Washing clothes has always been one of the most labor-intensive tasks requiring hours and hours of backbreaking work. The advent of washing machines changed the situation drastically. The first electric washing machines were first introduced in the 1930s. However, automatic washing machines came into the market later. The modern washing machines are equipped with a plethora of cleaning technologies which have made the washing process even more efficient and swift.

The following points illustrate the ways washing machines have brought about a significant change in the world.

Washing Machines

Automated process

Washing machines below 20K have automated various tasks, such as scrubbing, beating, rinsing, etc. This means the exhausting manual efforts are no longer necessary due to washing machines. Collecting and heating water to clean clothes used to be another necessary part of the washing process prior to the washing machine era. Washing machines are connected to water sources and are capable of using hot water as well. There is also a need to dry the wet clothes as the washing machines are equipped with dryers.

Efficient cleaning

No matter how hard you wash clothes using your hands, you cannot match the efficiency of washing machines. Washing machines feature multiple wash settings to clean different types of clothes without damaging them. Another advantage of washing machines is with respect to heavily soiled clothes and heavy fabrics such as blankets, towels, coats, curtains, etc. Manual cleaning requires a lot of extra effort to remove stubborn stains or wash heavy fabrics. Washing machines easily eliminates stubborn stains and efficiently cleans even hard fabrics. Special wash settings for light clothes ensure that delicate clothes are washed well without causing a tear or any other kind of damage to them.

Saves time

The manual cleaning of clothes takes a lot of time. Washing machines are able to clean many pieces of garments at the same time. All you need to do is load the clothes in the washing machine. Thus, you can clean all your laundry in the washing machine within a short period of time, which saves you a lot of time.

Protects against waterborne diseases

Manual washing exposes you to a host of waterborne pathogens, which can cause many diseases. This is not the case with washing machines. Washing machines prevent contamination of the water and the clothes by bacteria and other pathogens by using the correct temperature for washing. Thus, washing machines also have a beneficial effect on public health.

Improving the status of women

It would not be far-fetched to say that washing machines have played an important role in improving the standing of women in society. Traditionally, women have been in charge of the family laundry and used to spend a large part of the day washing clothes. Washing machines freed them from the time consuming and exhausting work, thereby enabling them to enter the labor market and perform paying jobs to support themselves and their families. Men and older children can also easily handle washing machines, which has taken off a lot of pressure from women.

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