Factors to consider while you choose an earphone

Are you a music lover? How would you rate yourself as a music lover? Music is just another element in life for some and therapy for a few others, and passion for many. True, music is just magical. It can stimulate a hormone called oxytocin which is often related to our happy and positive feelings. Singing for more than half an hour can increase this hormone significantly. When it comes to listening to music, the quality of the sound we listen to is often the most essential of all.

You may think, is it crucial to look for some specifications before purchasing the earphones? Yes, indeed! You can pick up a random earphone that looks cool and comes at a lower price; it can never meet your expectations and doesn’t let you have the pleasure of listening to good music. Does it? This article speaks about four important factors that you must consider when you are looking to buy an earphone. Please read on before you spend on earphones.

In-ear headphones are the most comfortable ones and provide you with the portability. If you do not care much about the portability and prioritize the sound quality, you may like to get Over-ear headphones.

Four important factors:

Wired or Wireless: Wireless earphones are cool; however, they have certain issues like battery and frequency range issues. Wireless earphones are to be charged at regular intervals, if not they will affect the sound quality. You may have to spend a tat bit extra for wireless.

Design and comfort: Comfort is essential if you are going to listen to music for a longer time. Not every human has an identical ear structure, and hence not every earphone will suit you. It is advisable to spend some time at the store checking them by wearing them for at least 20 minutes. Many don’t know the fact that perfectly fitted earphones can bring you better listening experience.


You may find some of the best earphones under Rs.500 that come with a smaller earbud size that fits perfectly into the ears and doesn’t slip off. The perfect fit feature automatically fills the gap between the earbuds and your ear canal, which helps eliminate the exterior noise.

Size and number of drivers: Driver is the essential part of the earphones as they are the ones that generate the sound that we listen to. The drivers are made of magnet, voice coil, and diaphragm. The size of the driver affects the sound quality to a certain extent as the larger driver produces a better bass sound. A larger driver increases the loudness of the sound, not the quality.

Many reputed companies manufacture earphones that consist of smaller drivers. They still produce incredible sound quality- How? Some of the best earphones under Rs.500 employ more than one audio driver. The number of drivers controls various frequencies. Each driver concentrates on a particular range.

Quality of the Driver material: A common misconception prevails that the size of the driver is essential for sound quality. The fact is clear. The quality of the material used to manufacture the driver makes the difference in sound quality, not the size. The drivers are made of materials like Graphene, Titanium, and Beryllium. Graphene is a strong component that conducts heat and electricity to a greater extent and thus adds life to drivers.


Earphones are like mobile phones that we use. We do not simply buy them by their looks or brand. We look for the features that would satisfy our needs. Earphones are essential for stage performers, television hosts, pilots. Some music lovers cannot leave their homes without their earphones. If they add so much value to your emotions, it is indeed wiser to know its entire features before you buy them.

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