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A plethora of ceiling fans by Orient Electric

Orient Electrical Limited is a part of CK Birla Group and is a leading manufacturer of ceiling fans and many other consumer electronics. The brand has been in the fan market for over 60 years. Orient fans are also exported to many markets all over the world. Research and Development capabilities of the company have enabled the creation and improvisation of high-end modern models of ceiling fans.

The range of models of orient ceiling fan has been mentioned here.

Hector 500 

Hector 500 ceiling fan has a BEE 5 Star energy rating because it saves up to 50% of electricity. Energy efficiency has been enabled by the inverter motor of the fan, which uses electronically commuted motor technology. The motor is both noiseless and efficient. The fan operates even on as low as 140 V. Power rating is just 32 W. Blade sweep is 1200 mm, and the maximum speed is 350 RPM. Air delivery rate is 230 CMM.

I Float 

I Float ceiling fan has an aerodynamic design which increases the air delivery by 15%. The fan appears to float when rotating, hence the name. Energy saving is as much as 50% due to the inverter motor equipped with electronically commuted motor technology. With respect to control, the fan comes in regulator and IOT variants. IOT variant is controlled by Orient mobile application. There are a number of control features in IOT variant. These include 5 speed settings, timer for 2,4,6 and 8 hours, reverse rotation, turbo mode for maximum speed, breeze mode for automatic speed change to provide a breeze and sleep mode for auto speed control to enable uninterrupted sleep. Air delivery rate is 230 CMM, and the top speed is 330 RPM. Power rating is just 32 W.


Aeroslim ceiling fan comes with light with cylindrical in design. The telescopic feature of the fan makes it easy to install. The aerodynamically designed blades provide good air circulation. The underside of the fan has a light. The ABS body is resistant against bending and rusting. Both remote controlled and IOT variants are available. IOT variants are controlled by Orient mobile application and can also be integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant. Inverter technology makes the fan energy efficient by as much as 40%. The blades generate airflow at the rate of 240 CMM. Top speed is 310 RPM.

Twister High Speed 

Twister High-Speed ceiling fan has a durable motor which consumes 75 W power. The maximum speed of the fan is 370 RPM. The blade sweep is 1200 mm. The paint finish lasts for a long period of time. Overall, this is a highly efficient fan available at reasonable rates.


Deluxe ceiling fan comes in two variants with blade sweeps of 1200 mm and 1400 mm. The top speed of the two variants is 300 and 320 RPM while the power ratings are 68 W and 72 W. Decorative bottom cover makes for good aesthetics. The blades are perfectly balanced and have a rod for extra strength.

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