5 Tips On How To Buy The Perfect Glucometer

A glucometer or glucose meter is a handy medical device used to measure the glucose level in the blood. Exclusive designing of glucometer is for diabetic people who require regular checkups. Some people can’t visit a clinic every alternate day to get their blood sugar tested by a physician. It gets quite hectic for patients of juvenile diabetes and few working people. You can solely understand how challenging it is for an old diabetic patient to go for a regular blood test. Therefore, glucometer is a boon to the devices of the medical fraternity.

For a new diabetic patient, it might appear quite troublesome to choose a best glucometer in India. Here are some tips that will acknowledge you about what a perfect glucometer demands:


1. Accuracy and speed of the device

Various brands of glucometer offer different accuracy and speed. Make sure to re-check if the glucometer of your choice is FDA approved or not. If not, you might reconsider your choice! All the glucometers will have a slight variation in their final results. The accuracy of the results also depends on the way of handling the glucometer. The speed of glucometer depends on the brand manufacturer too. The standard devices show the test results within 10 to 15 seconds. However, the new generation devices manifest the outcome within 5 seconds.

2. It should be convenient to use

Glucometers are the easiest device to use. It is because of their convenient structure and display. Some of them are easier to grip and hold, while others might not have an ergonomic structure. Make sure to examine the display of the device is readily accessible or not. It is the most vital feature when it comes to noting down the test results.

3. The accessories included in the packet

A glucometer device usually comes in a kit which includes 4-5 things. It contains a glucometer, test strips, lancing device, lancets, and battery. These are the primary requirements of using a glucose meter. However, sometimes the test strips might not be given along with the package. You will have to buy extra test strips to maintain the recording regularly. Make sure to choose test strips of a considerable price.

4. Storage and memory

Storage and memory are the two basic functions that vary in all the glucometers. Imagine how difficult would it be to note down every recording and keep tracking in a tabular form! You might be missing out on these recordings on somedays. To keep your test results stored in a date-wise manner, make sure to choose a device that stores the recording. Also, check the memory and storage space of the device.

5. Amount of blood sample

Another most essential requirement is the amount of blood sample that the device demands. The older ones usually needed input of 1 microliter blood. However, the newer brands have decreased the blood demand to 0.3 microliter.

Glucometers are remarkably convenient devices. Not buying the right kind of glucometer will make a large impact on your health tracking. If you want to measure an accurate blood sugar level, make sure to buy a reputed glucometer. We hope you are well-versed with the technique of choosing a perfect glucose meter. Thank you for reading!

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